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Ping Glide Wedge

Starting At $47.99

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For custom options that need to be ordered through the manufacturer, they will be ordered within 24 hours. Customers will be notified of the expected shipping date. Please feel free to call with any questions at 612-216-4152 x3. Thank you.

Ping Glide New Wedge

Built from the hands down, and engineered for performance, PING’s Glide Wedges are the next innovative approach to getting on the green consistently. PING’s engineers have developed a wedge with three key components, the grip, the head, and the shaft, that deliver the ultimate system for greater consistency and shot-making versatility. The Grip is a new design, called Dylawedge, which is longer by ¾ of an inch, has a softer tapering for the player to grip down, and grip down indicators that are spaced at 1 & 3/8ths inch intervals, for consistent control and versatility. The Stock shaft is the CFS Wedge, which stands Control, Feel, & Stability, and provides the player a better trajectory control. The Glide Wedge Head is available in three grinds SS (Standard Sole), WS (Wide Sole), TS (Thin Sole) combined with 7 different lofts, for a total of 13 different combinations. In addition, the Glide wedges also feature the Tour Gorge Grooves and Chrome plating that dramatically improves green side spin even in wet conditions.