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Callaway Mack Daddy 4 Raw Wedge

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Callaway MD4 Raw Wedge

Who’s It For

Callaway has had great success with its Mack Daddy line of wedges and that should continue with the new MD4. One reason that MD wedges have been so popular is the different grind options that have been offered to help players pick wedges that will fit well with the way they deliver the club at impact and the course conditions where they play. And with the MD4 line, Callaway has upped the ante with a fourth sole design for golfers to choose from. The new sole shape is the X Grind, while the S, C, and W grinds are all returning from previous generations. More specifically when it comes to each option, the C Grind has increased heel relief to make it easier for shot-makers to play shots around the green with an open face. It will work best for those with medium-to-shallow angles of attack and from firmer turf and sand conditions. The S Grind will work well for players with moderate angles of attack and from a wide variety of turf and sand conditions. It also has moderate heel relief to help keep the leading edge low through impact for improved contact. The W Grind features a wider sole shape at the toe and center to promote turf forgiveness but it’s narrower at the heel to still promote shot-making versatility. It will work well for golfers with steeper angles of attack and from softer turf and sand conditions. And finally, the new X Grind features a high-bounce crescent sole shape with a low point that has been moved more forward. It will be ideal for players with moderate-to-steep angles of attack and from medium and softer sand and turf.

The Tech Story

In creating the new MD4 wedges, designer Roger Cleveland and Callaway relied heavily on feedback from touring professionals with the end result being to deliver more spin, consistent performance, soft feel, and clean, classic shaping. In terms of spin, Callaway is introducing new Groove-In-Groove Technology. The clubfaces feature 16 grooves, including a new groove that has been positioned close to the leading edge to improve control around the green. The main grooves have been saw-cut and milled horizontally to deliver optimal performance and micro-grooves have also been created between raised micro-ridges to improve spin on all shots. The combination of main grooves and micro-grooves now creates 84 contact points with the cover of the golf ball. Additionally, lower-lofted wedges (46-52 degrees) feature a 20D groove that promotes consistency on full shots, while a 5D groove has been utilized in the higher-lofted wedges (54-60 degrees) to ensure maximum control from any lie around the green. Adding to the ability for players to create spin and control their golf ball is the tour-inspired shape of the MD4 wedges, which feature a more compact profile, additional offset, straighter leading edge, and tighter leading-edge radius when compared to MD3, all of which contribute to enhanced contact, spin, and overall performance. Consistency has also been improved thanks to a CG position that moves upward on the clubface as loft increases to match the ideal impact area. That feature also helps improve impact feel, as does use of soft 8620 carbon steel in the construction process.

Facts and Figures

  • Available Lofts: 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, and 62 degrees
  • Finish Options: Raw
  • GW (50-52 degrees) Stock Length: 35.5 inches
  • SW (54-56 degrees) Stock Length: 35.25 inches
  • LW (58-64 degrees) Stock Length: 35 inches
  • Lie Angle: 64 degrees
  • PW/GW Swing Weight: D3
  • SW/LW Swing Weight: D4
  • S Grind: Mid Bounce
  • C Grind: Low Bounce
  • W Grind: High Bounce
  • X Grind: High Bounce
  • Stock Grip: Lamkin UTx
  • Stock Shaft: Dynamic Gold Tour issue 115 (mid-launch, mid spin)


“Tour pros like only a subtle amount of leading-edge radius. In the Mack Daddy 4, we gave them

enough to make a performance difference while still pleasing the eye.” -- Roger Cleveland, Callaway Chief Wedge Designer

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