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Tour Wedges

Versatility to Create Any Shot You Want
Miura’s Tour Series wedge collection was created to give players the versatility they need around the green to play any type of shot they want. They are available in lofts ranging from 48 to 60 degrees and as the loft increases each wedge will feature a slightly wider sole to promote enhanced turf forgiveness. The grooves on the Tour Series wedges have also been CNC milled to provide optimal spin on full shots and short game shots, and the CG positions through the lineup have been optimized based on loft to provide improved feel and tighter dispersion on full shots.
Tour Wedges
CB-301 Irons

Miura CB-301 Irons

Elegance Plus Forgiveness
The newest iron to join the Miura family is the CB-301, which would best be described as a traditional players cavity back. The CB-301 was designed to give players the elegance, feel, and control that forged Miura irons are known for but with some added forgiveness and distance built into the design. The CB-301 irons feature stronger lofts to increase ball speed, but a lower center of gravity provides higher launch conditions to give golfers the stopping power they need. Additionally, discretionary weight has been pushed to the perimeter of the clubhead to improve performance on off-center strikes.<

Miura MC-501 Irons

Longer Blade Length & Wider Soles
The Miura MC-501 irons were created with better players in mind and will excel when it comes to feel and control. They have been forged from soft carbon steel and feature minimal offset and thin toplines, both of which will promote workability. That said, the MC-501 irons feature longer blade lengths than in any previous Miura blade design and weight has been positioned deep in the clubhead and sole to promote effortless launch in the long and mid irons. The MC 501 irons also feature slightly thicker soles than many of Miura’s previous blades to help improve turf interaction.
MC-501 Irons
IC-601 Irons

Miura IC-601 Irons

More Ball Speed & Higher Launch
Miura developed the IC-601 irons based on the success it has had with its hollow-body driving irons. The IC-601s feature a forged carbon steel body and thin, flexible 455 Carpenter steel clubface that promotes explosive ball speeds. The hollow design, meanwhile, allows weight to be positioned low and deep in the clubhead and along the perimeter to promote high launch and improved results on off-center strikes. That said, the IC-601 irons still maintain the classic shaping that Miura irons have been known for, and they will provide a soft, crisp feel at impact as well.<

Miura KM 009 Putter

Soft Responsive Feel
The KM-009 putter from Miura is a classic blade design that features a plumbers neck hosel. The hosel, however, has been extended slightly from some earlier blades that Miura developed, which has reduced the amount of toe hang in the KM-009. With 45 degrees of toe hang, the KM-009 will now suit more golfers, as opposed to being just a good option for those with significant arcs in their stroke. Also of note, the KM-009’s fully milled face will provide more forward roll at impact to help players improve their distance control, while offering a soft yet responsive impact feel.
KM 009 Putter


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